100K Silver Play Button Unboxing + Griffpatch Q&A Special

Join me in celebrating my 100k (cough 300k) Silver Play button as I answer your top questions while unboxing this prestigious YouTube award. Enjoy 20 questions with Griffpatch, the most popular scratcher and Top Scratch YouTuber! ⭐ Channel membership with perks - https://www.youtube.com/@griffpatch/join 🐱 My Scratch Story - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/140373496/ πŸ‘€ Quick and Fun Tutorials - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy4zsTUHwGJKByTn_qV76oTpEYGczqEb_ --------------Video Chapters-------------- 0:00 Intro 0:31 Scratch Play Button Unboxing Video 1:23 Q1a. Non-Scratch Tutorials by Griffpatch 2:07 Q1b. Griffpatch's Pre-Scratch Games 3:09 Q1c. Griffpatch’s Favourite 4:15 Q2. Why did Griffpatch start making Scratch Tutorials 5:57 Q3. A 3D Engine with Vertical Height 7:10 Q4. Future Griffpatch Scratch Series 8:20 Q5. How Griffpatch Mastered Scratch 9:15 Q6. Tips for Fixing Lag in Scratch 10:20 Q7. Better than Griffpatch 10:59 Q8. Will the Scratch RPG Series continue? 11:41 Q9. What Started Griffpatch Coding? 12:04 Q10. How long to make a Scratch Project? 12:27 Q11. Keeping Motivated in Scratch 13:07 Q12. Griffpatch's Favorite Scratch Block 13:36 Q13. Griffpatch's Most Wanted Feature 14:06 Q14. Griffpatch's First Scratch Project 14:11 Q15. Pineapple on Pizza? 14:16 Q16. IK Spider Legs Devlog continued...? 14:38 Q17. Has Griffpatch released any Non-Scratch Games 15:01 Q18. How to overcome disappointment 15:29 Q19. Griffpatch Spotted in the Wild 15:57 Q20. Will Griffpatch Play Your Games?
Fun Scratch Coding Tutorials for beginners, educators and advanced coders alike, we have something for everyone. Learn how to make exciting games like platformers, scrollers, space shooters, super mario, physics games, pathfinding, and tile grids with lists. And, while we play, we learn all the coding basics, and get a true understanding of how coding works through experience. Scratch Programming is a Block Coding language. A popular and modern approach to programming, and a fantastic place to begin learning to code. I'm griffpatch, (Creator of Paper Minecraft & Geometry Dash on Scratch). I Got hooked on coding when I was kid, now I'm a parent and nothing's changed! #ScratchGames #BlockCoding #ScratchTutorials #ScratchTutorial #ScratchProgramming #gamedev
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