Wizard School Simulator - Devlog 1

This is the first dev log for my new game. I don't have a title for it yet, but it is a game where you go to a wizard school. Here you will take classes about magic and spells, and you can interact with the other students and do missions. The world is made up out of voxels, which allows for cool spells I think. Because the terrain can be altered in all kinds of ways. I also chose a look that resembles games like Paper Mario, where the world is 3D and the characters are 2D. The cartoony look really helps make things lighthearted and fun I think. In the next dev log I will improve the magic system. Intro: (0:00) Artstyle: (0:41) World: (1:19) AI: (2:20) Spell Casting: (3:07) Prefects: (4:18)
Hi! My name is Tim Commandeur. I make games and music and share what I do in this channel. I am currently working on a game called Arcade Wizard 2. This is a sequel to Arcade Wizard which started out as a Ludum Dare 44 game. You can follow its progress in my dev logs.