Wizard School Simulator - Devlog 4

Discord: https://discord.gg/qdEzmUe Website: https://gamemakertim.com A lot of the core mechanics for the wizard school simulator are taking shape now. As shown in this dev log I've added some of the most important features. In the upcoming period I will focus on more of the core mechanics for this game. Some of the things shown in the dev log, but no mentioned, are the direction indicator and the background decoration for the outside area. I've also changed the way the fire looks. These things are all work in progress though, so they will change in the future.
Hi! My name is Tim Commandeur. I make games and music and share what I do in this channel. I am currently working on a game called Arcade Wizard 2. This is a sequel to Arcade Wizard which started out as a Ludum Dare 44 game. You can follow its progress in my dev logs.